Real Life-YOU can make a difference

As an employee, soon-to-be wife and mother, I would like to express my gratitude to Franz McFayden with Canadian Red Cross .  Anyone that experiences a unique situation like mine today, will understand the greater importance of First Aid & CPR.  Franz came to our place of business to set up a 2 day class in a small work space, to teach everyone the correct way to approaching saving someone’s life.  Franz was professional, engaging, and made it enjoyable. I can’t stress enough about adding these lifesaving skills to your book of knowledge. On my way home from the last class, I came to a situation on the road where a pedestrian was hit by a city bus and first aid was needed. I approached the scene and offered first aid without hesitation. I can say confidently, I overcame my apprehension of administering help to a casualty being a complete stranger because all the right training protocols were given to me, to prepare me for emergencies like this. You never know when you will be faced with life threatening situations in, or outside of the work place, and being prepared makes the hands on part run smoother.

In short, your training was enjoyable, informative, memorable and valuable. Your course not only educates, it also instills life-saving confidence so that participants are able to take action in emergency situations – when it really counts. Thank you, Franz and Canadian Red Cross, for making this course such an extraordinary experience. I will most definitely recommend your organization to anyone interested in taking high quality first aid training, and will keep saying with certainty that it was life changing! literally!

Ines Cappola. – Food Safety – Quality Control Specialist- Maple Leaf Foods

I am incredibly proud of the actions you took Ines to help that pedestrian!!. Regards, Franz