Performance Nutrition Consultation/Monitoring

As a Coach I take pride in my extensive CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) experience, and my extensive research and publishing. This adds value when helping you obtain your optimum level for peak performance, and health. Add to this several courses done in performance nutrition, and courses specifically related to women- we have the structured course for you to achieve your nutrition objective- personally or golf related.


Program outline:

Initial 45 mins assessment:

Examines your current eating habits- advice on basics of nutrition and optimal nutrition for life. Suggestions of meal plans to get you off on the right foot towards your goals.

Initial Assessment questionaire

Eating habits questionaire

Body Measurement form (optional and private)

Ready Willing and Able form

and more!



We often have the right intentions, but a personal coach provides checks, balances and motivation.

Weekly monitoring  can be requested $149 additional

Monthly monitoring can be requested $ 99 additional


Forms will be delivered digitally and assessments can be done in person or online/skype/facetime from the comfort and convenience of your home/location.