Golf and Performance

Coaching VS Instructing BIG DIFFERENCE

Most of you are tired of hearing how terrible your golf swing is and how many gazillion things you need to change. If you would like to ACTUALLY see effective results based on YOUR bodies bio mechanical properties without ever hearing such technical jargon *bio mechanical * or *discrete motion* . How cool would it be to walk away from a coaching session knowing exactly what to do and eliminate ALL confusion. OR if you just want to be introduced to the game of golf Junior , Adult or Senior  but have gotten lost in the quagmire Golf Channel, Golf books, videos GADGETS  (OMG!). And alas, I have said it before- too often people look at credentials as the determining factor that someone is good or bad. In this game of golf , more than any other I have been involved in, standards differ individual to individual, irrespective of which organisation they belong to, but I digress!

While an instructor may deal specifically with the golf swing , a COACH is different.

“The role of the coach is to ensure a fun and safe environment and to teach the development of some of the FUNdamentals and Active for Life stage skills and abilities for participants” (PGA of Canada website)

Webster dictionary (simplistic paraphrase)- one who instructs or trains  players in the fundamentals of a sport and directs strategy.

My view from years of athletic accomplishment would add to all of the above- one who inspires and assists (enables)  a person to obtain all THEY want out of a particular endeavor. Therefore the mental, physical, and nutritional aspects must all be considered.

Now does it mean that a Coach cannot take an individual beyond what they may have aspired to initially? Of course not. And btw , I generally hate the term, the person must be “realistic”. Everyone’s reality is a combination of their experiences, both real and perceived!

Now, hopefully with my help, and others that I rely on, YOU will get your dream!