Intervals- short and sweet results!


Interval training burns fat and spares (or builds) muscle – in a much shorter time! In this microwave mentality society of “I want it now”, that is a good thing.

Mixing up our training can create excitement, and stimulation over doing the same old same old. That’s one of the reasons I loved competing in triathlons! I could always alternate workouts if my brain or body wanted a change.

Currently I train my students and even though at 40+ you may think I am getting snaggle toothed, I like doing the variety as well. Juniors like not having repetitions, they like FUN, which changing workouts provide.

Try mixing Battling ropes, Sprinting, Kettlebells, Heavy bag, Trampolining. Be aware that the drain on your body will be awesome, so recovery is integral, both in the workout and in terms of days off.

Right now, my shoulder and upper back have 5 spider  tech X KT tapes (kinesiology tape) FIVE, because I did not listen to the advice I just wrote and over did it. Kettlebells and Battling ropes were my demise!

Note: always warm up fully, I like spinning personally as my warm up- 100 rpm for at least 5 mins. AND take 2 days off between sessions. (Listen to your body, if you need more time off, take it)

Sprints– try all-out on six, 20-second sprints, followed by two minutes of rest for a 1:6 work-to-rest ratio.This amounts to 120 fat-shredding seconds of total sprint time.

Kettlebells-warm up fully doing KB swings before moving to the heaviest weight you can swing for 10 reps with 1 minute rest, 3 sets 10 reps your heavy weight. Form is VERY important and focus on being explosive.

Battling ropes- Alternating waves, keep the ropes moving, 20 secs on, 30 secs off, 3 sets

Heavy Bag – combinations combat boredom!  3o secs with 1 minute rest 3-5 sets.

Trampoline- you can use this to warm up as well, but I love it to absolutely put the finishing touches on the mix. At this point I would recommend being wobbly walking off is a good thing!  30 secs on 2 minutes off, 3 sets with the last being to failure, using high knees sprinting I have found to deliver the knockout punch.

The sets and intervals I have outlined are just a recommendation. You determine what rocks your world. The breathless feeling you get is the aim. Lactic acid will start to create that deep burn effect. On off days however don’t be completely couch potato, gentle walking or swimming will help the recovery process. This stuff will be hard, so make sure your doctor is aware of your push.

This is HIGH performance stuff that will bring results, but you will find the mix / variety brings fun to meet results.  I am already tired, but looking forward to my next mix!




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