Mentorship/ vital aspect of success on health or any endeavor


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“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton

In our search for health, we will eventually stumble on an undeniable fact,  you can not ‘do,’ ‘go’ or ‘be’ all you can be all by yourself. As my Mother used to say, ” no man is an island”

But the right pathway and the ease of our access to it is vastly improved with the right counsel. Everyone has an opinion, and you know what Clint Eastwood said about that! (if you don’t google is your friend)

In one of my lines of so called expertise, people challenge medical facts in my class constantly, usually prefaced with the refrain, ‘my friend said’. While its great to have knowledgeable friends, as you have discovered with a cursory perusal of this blog, much accepted information perpetrated on Facebook would in fact harm or kill you!

Enter riding on a white stallion with the refrain of the Lone Ranger playing in the background, a MENTOR. If only it was that simple. Call up 1800-Mentor, or got to Mentor .com (these might actually exist) and find the right information from the right person at the right time, that would make a world of difference!

Where it concerns the golf swing, incorrect info may have rotator cuff injuries beckoning, but shouldn’t kill you. Where it comes to what you eat, that could.

So please, of anyone you wish to ask questions or pay for expertise, ask questions, feel comfortable that their answers pertain to you, that they have some underlying interest in YOU benefiting from the relationship, ask friends if they have any correlative experience with the individual, evaluate on an ongoing basis, and sometimes it just pays to follow your gut!

Good mentors in a nutshell motivate, challenge, inspire, advise and coach- Do you have someone taking you to your BEST health, BEST golf/sport success, BEST YOU!!



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