ABS 3.0- Planking is so much more!


As my son’s self determined  journey to number ONE proceeds, I have to increase intensity while trying not to extend training time.

Having long extolled the virtues of planking for core stability, essential in sports, that’s an easy one to explain progression.

Planking used in yoga and other forms of strength training, is often the alternate to flattening that tummy instead of sit-ups. Currently I’m using it to rehab some sciatic issues, and finding it very relieving.

“Once you have an awareness of what it feels like to have a properly aligned torso, and once you have a base of core stability, you need to move on to exercises that challenge your stability dynamically. That’s where it counts. Maintaining alignment when you’re moving is the difference between getting hurt and staying in the game.

How does it work? Very simple. Once you can hold a plank for 30 seconds, progress to sets of 15 pushups, using a 1010 tempo. It’s still 30 seconds in the plank position, but now you’ve added a dynamic challenge.

Then progress to 15 pushups with one foot off the floor, at the same tempo. Then switch feet, and do 15 more.

When these variations are easy to accomplish, do 15 pushups, at the same tempo, lifting one hand off the floor after each rep. Then switch hands, and do 15 more.

And once these are no longer challenging, start T-roll pushups. T-roll pushups cover your front plank, side plank and rotary control — all in one exercise. (What are those you ask? If you have to ask YOU ARE NOT READY!!!)  Plus they build dynamic control, which always has more athletic carryover than static variations.”*

PLEASE NOTE: Do not rush your progressions! Please own each progression before moving on to the more difficult. The last thing I would want to see happen is that you rush, because of obvious excitement and then get injured! 

*SOURCE: Livestrong.com

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