Don’t want Mooo Mooo MILK?




Top organic sources of Calcium:


Sesame Seeds- 1,000 mg per 100g


Chia Seeds- 631 mg per 3.5 ounces


Dark Leafy Greens- spinach and kale are my favorites


Oranges-72 mg in a cup of freshly squeezed organic


Quinoa-60-100mg in one cup


Blackstrap Molasses- 172 mg


Beans-175-400 mg per cup dependent on type


Broccoli- 74 mg per cup plus 120 mg of Vitamin C which helps absorb calcium


Dried seeds and Nuts- so many choices , roughly 100 mg per cup and above


Dried Herbs-213 mg per 100g


While not exact, the above shows you can avoid the dairy route if you so desire!


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