Coconut Water is Full of Vital Nutrients, Better than Sports Drinks- (p.s. also from the land of my birth!)



Hawaiians actually call coconut water “noelani,” which means “dew from the heavens.” The drink is even held in high regard in  many tropical cultures. Due to the health-promoting contents of the beverage and the immense hydrating qualities it harnesses, it is no surprise that coconut water is a far better alternative to additive-laden sports drinks.

In fact, one 2007 study found sodium-enriched coconut water to be as effective as commercial sports drinks in overall hydration with far less stomach pains. Of course coconut water also surpasses sports drinks due to an impressive nutritional profile, including:

  • Essential B vitamins, minerals, and trace elements (such as zinc, selenium, iodine, sulfur, and manganese).
  • The 5 essential electrolytes (potassium, sodium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium).
  • Amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

The Journal Molecules , highlights some of the ways that coconut water replenishes your body:

  • Helps to prevent heart attacks
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Can have anti-aging effects
  • Fights free radicals to help prevent cancer
  • Contains trans-zeatin which can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

Perhaps the most compelling reason to drink coconut water is the fact that it reduced blood pressure in71% of those who drank it. Hypertension can lead to stroke, myocardial infraction, heart failure, and much more. Beyond that, it is a leading cause of chronic kidney failure.

Instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs riddled with side effects, coconut water presents itself as a powerful hypertension solution without the harsh side effects.


NOTE: I always advise getting the raw coconut, or at least drinking the ones that have no preservatives or sugar added. I personally like a bit of pulp in mine, you drink with or without according to your preference- Potassium content can be from 500mg to 820mg, much higher than a large banana! 


coconut water

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