To Ginger or not to Ginger…hmmmn

images ginger

I have loved everything Ginger from I was a young fellow! Ginger cookies, cake, ginger-ale, ginger in lemonade, extra ginger for my sushi!
I have known that it is an effective blood cleanser, here are some benefits you may not be aware of:

– Impedes motion sickness
– Combats stomach discomfort
– Reduces inflammation
– Fights common respiratory problems
– Encourages normal blood circulation
– Remedies menstrual discomfort
– Strengthens immunity
– Relieves Stress

Brew some tea:
-4 cups water
– 2 inches ginger root

Simply cut the ginger roots into thin slices, place them in boiling water and cook over low heat for 15-20 minutes.
Strain the tea(you can add fresh lemon juice for an alkalizing effect).


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