Green tea and Coffee daily blend

I have been missing the taste of coffee recently, since I grew up smelling the percolated brew my Mother made, but having opted for decaffienated green tea for the health benefits, I was in a quandry. Hark I thought, as I had a eureka moment, why don’t I have my tea/coffee together!
So for the past several weeks, I have brewed my cup, and added my tea bag. Now I try to start the morning and end the day with a cup of green tea, but the 2 other cups during the day that I imbibe, are now a blend. The flavour of the tea is lost to the aroma and flavour of the coffee.

On doing some research today, I found several articles and studies that support the combination; here is one:–1-coffee–4-green-teas-a-day-180305211.html

So enjoy!

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