Calcium and plants

The dairy industry has done a great job marketing milk as the best way to have build healthy bones.

Ever wonder why in a country like the USA that consumes massive amounts of dairy, why we have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis?

Dairy milk has been shown to be the biggest dietary cause of osteoporosis because more than any other food it depletes the finite reserve of bone-making cells in the body.

In a 12-year Harvard study of 78,000 women, those who drank milk three times a day broke more bones than women who rarely drank milk.

Another study done in Australia demonstrated that higher dairy consumption is associated with increased fracture risk: those with the highest dairy consumption had double the risk of hip fracture compared to those with the lowest consumption.

Another important point? People with osteoporosis have a much higher incidence of heart disease and cancer, due to calcification in the body.

Also, unlike milk, plant-based calcium sources contain vitamins C and K and the minerals potassium and magnesium, which are all important for bone health.
By: RawganicVegan


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