A little twist on an old favorite!

Rawshi-Raw Sushi
By Scott Mathias in Raw and Delicious Lifestyles

Its really simple..
Prepare your cauliflower and brocolli if you like by soaking it in some miren (Japanese sake vinegar) or apple cider vinegar. You can put it in the dehydrator if you wish for 20 mins @ 110 or soak over night . Place it in a blender and pulse to create a ‘rice’ like consistency.Then roll out your nori paper, spread your ‘rice’ over as in the picture.Then line your roll with cucumber, carrot or avocado or any raw vegetable you wish and then using your sushi mat roll the whole lot together making it nice and firm. I love adding coriander ( cilentro ) and lime too. Then cut into slices.
I didnt have wasabe so I just chopped up some cured daikon and chilli to create something hot which I placed on the top. Use shoyu or tamari or even Braggs amino mix to season.Just so tasty and gorgeous…!! OK…Yo’ll happy now ?? XXX

With the daikon and chilli on top. Superbly tasty!!

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