Apples, Bananas and Eggs- eeeew or WOW!

When trying to attain or health/fitness goals, we often are inundated by information that confuses us!
In my attempt to simplify everything in my life, especially nutrition (who wants to spend the time or money to follow some of the advice on the medical talk shows on t.v.?), I have a few simple things that are immensely beneficial to me, that I would like to share.
I generally have 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast on days that I work-out to have that protein boost for muscle recovery- I always eat an apple when I feel flu/cold symptoms coming on- and I include banana in my smoothies for sweetness and potassium to help keep my sodium/fluid levels in balance.
Here is some further info on these powerful foods….

An apple provides about 14% of the required daily value of vitamin C, with under 100 ‘very satisfying’ calories. (chewing and fiber content to fill you up).
Apples consumed before exercise might actually help individuals work out more, burning more calories. Apples have been known to produce a number of antioxidants that have proven beneficial to one’s health, but recent studies reveal that at least one of those antioxidants may give individuals greater strength to work out.

Usually have between 70 and 130 calories, with about 27 grams of carbohydrates, or 9% of a 2,000 calorie daily diet. As for fiber, the typical banana is rated as having 3.1 grams, or 12% of the same diet. Bananas also have between 1 and 2 grams of protein per serving, all while being very low in fat. They are also high in Vitamin C.
They make an ideal post-workout snack. Most health professionals recommend eating a food that’s high in carbohydrates within an hour after physical activity. Having a banana fits this bill, and helps to replenish the depleted enzymes as well as protein in the body.
In addition to this,the protein and potassium found in bananas are also very beneficial for the body. The extra potassium found in bananas is especially useful for people who sweat heavily or otherwise need more fluids. As an added benefit, the fruit’s potassium also helps reduce cramping. Meanwhile, the protein found in bananas gives dieters and healthy eaters the same benefits that they already know comes from protein: It helps to repair muscle. Thanks to all of these advantages, bananas have a two-fold effect in this scenario: They serve as a great source of nutrition while also helping to refuel the body properly so that dieters feel fuller for longer.

An excellent source of protein and being good for the brain with a large 37 gram egg having roughly 85 calories.
Eating eggs for breakfast helps contribute to weight loss. Eggs are a low-fat way to get the required protein for the day and also tend to make those who consume the egg feel fuller longer. this increases the chances that you will not over-eat later in the day.
It contains leucine, a chemical that helps in the reduction of body weight and is also good at stabilizing blood glucose. This chemical also plays a role in protein synthesis, which is important for those who want to get the most out of their workouts.
Protein is necessary in order to get the most out of an exercise, which can contribute to the amount of weight that is lost. Protein can speed up the rate at which muscles can recover, which allows exercisers to get more exercise when they have less muscular fatigue.
Eggs also have a lot of vitamin B2, which is needed for energy metabolism. The vitamin B12 found in eggs is needed to build protein in the body. The phosphorus found in vitamins is needed for energy metabolism. Eggs also have vitamin D, which affects energy levels.

So there you have it. My son does have the occasional peanut butter on banana- nutritious and tasty. SO you can also come up with combinations using these 3 foods, ENJOY!

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