Barbell Circuit Workout

Barbells are very versatile and can provide you with a wide enough range of exercises to achieve the body you desire.

By using a barbell in a continuous circuit, where you perform three or more exercises without letting go of the weight or stopping, you can build strength AND endurance simultaneously. Less  time, faster results.

The following six exercises form one circuit designed to work your entire body. Perform each movement for 5 or 10 repetitions, depending on your level of fitness. Your goal is to complete the entire six-move circuit in 30 seconds (for 5 reps each) or 60 seconds (for 10 reps). Perform 3-5 circuits, resting for between two and three minutes between each. Use a moderate weight throughout, and perform the exercises at a controlled speed, keeping good form on each movement.


Wide Grip bent over row

High Pull

Front Squat

Overhead Press

Back Squat

Do not sacrifice form for heavier weights, and do not become lax with your form because you are using a moderate weight!

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