Monitor that heart rate!

If I sent you to the hardware store and told you to ask the salesman for a pump that could pump continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks for at least the next 60 years, what would he say, what could he sell you? Nothing, doesn’t exist! But that is what you heart is. Take care of it, you can get another, but at what cost?

One thought on “Monitor that heart rate!

  1. hi Franz

    Just looked into that diabetes question for you. Apparently it will depend on the glucometer. It appears blood sugar can either be measured in mg/dl or mmol/L. This could be were the confusion lies. For example, 40 to 500 mg/dl is equivalent to 2.2 to 28 mmol/l. Personally, I’ve only worked with monitors that measured mmol/L. Therefore, I think it’s probably best that anyone using a glucometer refer to their reference manual for accurate interpretation of their results on their particular machine. Hope this helps! Fatima

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