Motivation-a short note

Very few of us are self motivated, and so we start out with a bang, and then sadly end with a fizzle!
I was fortunate to be in the self-motivated group, because my training partners would usually not want to consistently get up at 4 or 5 am to start! Riding for example when there is fog out, and you can barely make out your front tire, was never a deterrent, it just was a condition to be overcome. If you cannot avail yourself of a workout partner-one who is equally committed- you may have an issue being consistent in your work-outs.
A live coach (not advertising here), is often not a viable option so some substitute may help. Enter the vast resources on the internet!
Check out- Nike NPT Boom or Adidas miCoach
Also an excellent site for exercise music in bpm (beats per minute) is audiofuel
If you can buddy up with someone on FaceBook, to check in daily that can also help keep you accountable.
Ultimately however, it is up to you to do the work- for that, there is no APP!

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