Basics 101

So here we go! What to eat, when to eat, to supplement or not, to supplement correctly, how to deal with stress, how to deal with sleep, what to do to recover from training, how to best treat injuries. These are some of the areas that this blog will aim to cover. I know, lots right!

I had a participant in one of my CPR/First Aid classes recently comment after the Cardio Vascular Disease section: ” my body is like my car, I drive it until something goes wrong, then I take it to the mechanic to fix” Unfortunately, when something breaks down in our body, it’s often too late to fix it. That is why healthy lifestyle choices are so important! (Remember nutrition plays an important role in such things as type 2 diabetes risk level and other diseases)

While most of us want to have the ‘six pack’ abs type of body, that is not the goal of everyone, nor does it need to be! Outside of generally accepted benchmarks, please understand that health is different for each of us. Also recognise that a slim person is not necessarily healthier than a more ‘robust’ person. There are many myths from the fitness industry itself that needs to be dispelled too. Often people in the business of making money may not have your best health in mind.

Water is your friend, ( it comprises 75% of your brain 75% of your muscles and 83% of your blood) and often foods that did not exist 2,000 years ago, are not. That’s an easy benchmark to start with- (and if you are using ” shakes ” to lose weight and they have more than 5 ingredients, or the ingredients are more than 2 syllables in length, you may want to re-think that!)

The ultimate benchmark may be- everything in moderation. Deprivation never has a long lasting effect nor does over compensation. Anything that cannot be maintained long-term, regarding food or exercise, should be carefully assessed as to the overall benefits.

Basic biology, physiology and kinesiology- how the body moves and functions- have not changed. New discoveries are good, new advancements in science are good, but if they go against the basics, usually they are a fad.

Always go back to basics– it will save you a lot of time and frustration!

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